The next generation of classics?

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Many believe that having an old car feel they have a real collector's item in their garage. But having several decades old, or because a particular brand, we can say we have a jewel collection.

It has created a myth about old cars, because not only consider the age and condition of the car, even junk cars are worth more than another car in perfect condition and this is due to a true collector car is determined mainly because of its rarity, the numberof units produced special editions made or the number of cars rolling down the streets there today.

For example, it is not the same as having a Fairmont, which occurred from 1978 to 1983, a Monte Carlo SS that was only in 1984 or a Dodge Magnum that only occurred in 1981 and 1982, Or what about the E Body Mopars and first-generation Camaro reaching supercars prices in some auctions.

If we speak especially of supercars like the Ferrari Daytona, Lamborghini miura, Jaguar E-Type, are fully marked to become like vintage cars and a veritable gold mine, like the Ferrari GTO, which was a car intended for racing and very few unitsleft for production and is now listed in millions of dollars.

As you can see there is a balance between extravagance and historic value units produced, to consider a car as a true collector's item.

Finally we show you a list of cars that have begun trading well in the global automotive market, you might have one right now in your garage or parked outside your house and still do not know.

• Chevelle (V8) 1969-1971• Golf GTI 1990
• Monte Carlo 1984• Super Bee 1970-1980
• Magnum 1981-1982
• Malibu Rally 1978• Mustang SVO 1984
• Caribe GT 1984-1986• Volkswagen 1965-1974
• Caribe PRO 1987• BMW 850
• Pacer 1979• Rally AMX 1981

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This page has 11 followers with 51 comments.
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