How does it work?

The service

AutoClasico's Auto Sales service aims to provide the community of collectors or fans of old cars with a tool that allows them to sell their classic or buy the car of their dreams. Because the service is oriented to classic or old cars, the publications are restricted to cars that are at least 25 years old. This service has no cost. Advertise a car

Validity of publications

The publications have not defined a validity. The car is announced until the seller marks it as sold. The cars marked as "Sold" continue to appear in the lists of cars for sale only to the delight of our visitors, but without the data related to the contact of the seller.


All our salespeople must be registered in our Club. The purpose of registration is to guarantee our visitors the accuracy of contact information.

The registration identifies our members with an email and an access code. During the registration process, a "Registration Code" will be generated and sent to the seller's email. This "Registration Code" will be necessary in order to conclude the admission of the seller to the Club. Start your registration.

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